This beautiful video was fowarded to me today. I must foward and share. It is so touching and such a beautiful story. It’s slightly longer than normal YouTube videos. But it’s well worth is. Enjoy.

Update: unfortunately, the original 11-min long footage by RTL Television has now become private: Here is another version, but the music is different and the picture quality is not as good. But the story is still there.

My Note: RTL Televizija (RTL Television) is a Croatian TV channel. According to their own website, RTL Televizija is “the most watched television stations with national coverage intended for a group of viewers from 18-49 years.” “Television in the number of readers far exceeds all Croatian newspapers.”

“PRIJATELJSTVO ILI LJUBAV” is Croatian, literally translated in English as “FRIENDSHIP OR LOVE AFFAIR”


  1. I love this video very much, but today I can’t replay to view…

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