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Nov 292010

Wal-Mart in China—VERY DIFFERENT
We thought our Wal-Marts had it all.


Bulk Rice.

Mixed Meat for the choosing.

Orange Juice and Cooking Oil.

Turtles and other Stuff.

You Guess.

Wal-Mart Brand Spirits.

Rib Cages.

Assorted Dried Reptiles.

Beautiful Boxes Of Liquor.


A Large Selection Of Chopsticks.

Ducks on a rack.

Great Value Brand Beef Granules.

Pig Faces.

Antibacterial Bikini Underwear For Men.

Diet Water.

Meat Water.


100% Powdered Horse Milk (no ponies!).

. . . And American
Wal-Marts only have crazily dressed people !

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