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corning museum of glass - massive crystal

What can a touch of glass do for you? Corning, an 160-year old American company specialised in creating products using glass and ceramics created an amazing videos outlining their vision of what you can do with glass.  The video is very nicely done and the technology very impressive. But I wonder how would families with children cope when a house full of glass? The touch technology is trully amazing though. Enjoy.

The day starts at 7am when the sunlight lits up the Photovoltaic Glass door of a young professional couple. Then the male host moves to turn on his LCD Television Glass TV in their bedroom. Then the woman host Jennifer washes her face in front of the electronics enabled archetectural display glass, which sends her a  meeting invitation and she replies with a touch of the glass.  In the kitchen, the male host cuts fruit, cook and watch TV on the same archetectural display glass surface while his children make funny faces on the images and videos on the door surface of the fridge which is installed with scratch and smudge resistant Appliance … For the rest, I let you continue to explore.

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